So, there has been some radio silence for a while. The family have been preparing for Christmas among other things.

Sadly for the last two weeks we have been experiencing Isaac’s first ear infection…I have it on good authority from his cries that this is extremely painful!

It started on a Monday night when unusually he woke crying twice during the night…here is where the communication comes in…he was able to sit on my knee, clutch his ear and cry “ear, ear, eeeeaaaaaarrrrr.” I have never been so grateful for his ability to say the word ear. This is the first time that my son has ever, actually been able to tell me what is wrong with him and its helped me to see how fast he’s growing up now. His vocabulary is growing all the time, yesterday granny added snake, and I added wet and box…granted none of these words are particularly useful but hey ho!

I’m also really excited about Christmas now. Last year Isaac was eight months old and had no idea what was going on. This year he’s 20 months and every time he sees a Christmas tree, lights or gets to open a card he squeals with delight…I can’t wait for him to get his presents! I think I’m more excited than he is! It’s my last day at work until the new year, the family is beginning to arrive and I am feeling very merry indeed!

After Christmas I’m also going to write up about my crafty gifts I’ve made…for obvious reasons (spoilers for some readers) I can’t do that right now!


A day to Myself

Today I have a day to myself, we are having cavity wall insulation put in and as it pretty noisy work my husband has taken the day off and is taking the wee man out.

Since 8 this morning I have:

Tidied the house

Put things in the loft

Done two washings

Cleaned the kitchen

Mended a broken skirt

Made the bed

Joined the waiting list for an NHS dentist Continue reading

Can we have it all?

The government has announced new legislation today which could significantly change the way that we take our maternity leave!

The BBC has reported that as of 2015 we will have the right to share our leave with our partner to be staggered or taken at the same time and have a legal right to request flexible working hours. This will “provide women with a clearer route back to work and is designed to give us a real choice over our work life balance“. Continue reading

Winning the food war…

So I blogged about Isaacs eating issues of late and the tact Roy and I were adopting to deal with it…as a refresher we had decided that dinner was dinner, if Isaac refused it then he could get down from the table once we had finished ours and if he asked for food all he would be offered was the dinner he had refused. Mince has been a particularly difficult food as he appeared to have decided he was not in the least bit interested in eating it, it had gone from number one choice to sub-zero! Continue reading

This is Halloween

Isaac is at his child minders today, as it is Halloween I thought it would be nice if he dressed up for the occasion! I didn’t want a scary child so I thought I’d go for something cute! He has a magnet that he loves on our fridge, it is of Totoro, if you don’t know who he is here is a little pic for you:

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Baking with Baby

My sister is visiting from Holland, joy! I’m not going to lie and say that my joy didn’t turn to horror when she suggested that we should try baking with Isaac…baking with my 18 month old…are you serious?!

I now must concede that it was rather enjoyable, and shock horror it held his attention the whole time! I really have been under estimating how well he can concentrate now, he’s growing up so fast!

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Dinner time battles

Isaac really took to the whole weaning process, tried and mostly loved anything we put in front of him (especially what was on mummy and daddy’s plate) but now he is approaching the 18 month mark all that has changed. Dinner has turned into a war zone! If I want him to eat something he sniffs out my desperation like a hound and then that’s it, there is no way that’s going into my mouth, out comes the little chubby index finger, pointed at mummy and the two most annoying letters in the English language “NO”.

So, veg is a big NO, fruit is mostly a NO, chicken is a huge NO.

Now I’m one of those mums who hides food in food!

I’m not going to lie and say that food and I haven’t had a rocky relationship in the past so I’ve tried to be really laid back with weaning Isaac and just taking it as it comes. I suppose that it was pretty naive of me to think that I’d got this feeding thing down, of course I should have expected a spanner in the works at some point. Continue reading

He doesn’t say a lot…

…but when he does it’s a constant source of amazement to me!

Lots of other children around the same age have many more words than he does…it bothered me, being a first time mum I was worried that he had problems talking or learning and was desperate for him to start moving past his babbling noises. I’m not claiming that he doesn’t have any words…he’s mastered no, all gone (gah-gah), car and one or two others but this weekend he really surprised me.

Sitting on his own happily stacking his cups, my husband and I saw him put one on the floor and exclaim One, then another followed by Two, then another followed by Twee, and a last one followed by Faw. That’s right people, my wee man counted one, two, three, four! Suddenly I’m not so worried any more!!