Hello there!

About me, so my name is Emily Gatis, I’m 28 year old currently and have a wonderful husband, Roy, and baby boy, Isaac, who’s just turned one year old. We live together in a little semi-detached bungalow in Princes Risborough, there is an ever growing list of bits and pieces that I am wanting to do to the house, but isn’t that the same with everyone? Risborough is a pretty ideal place to live, we have a couple of parks and schools in walking distance, shops and it’s only a short drive to the better shopping areas like High Wycombe and Milton Keynes.

I’ve been with Roy (Isaacs father) since I was 21 years old…8 years this year in fact. He was my first and only serious boyfriend. We went to music festivals all over the country together, went out to pubs and clubs, in 2008Roydecided to make it official and ask me to marry him, while I was washing the dishes. Not the most romantic of question poppings but certainly spontaneous. We got married on the 08/08/09 at the Burnham Beeches Hotel surrounded by good friends and family, it was a beautiful day. In 2010 we decided to stop being careful and in July 2010 we fell pregnant, a wonderful surprise and relief. We obviously have both grown up a lot since getting together, even more since having Isaac.

Isaac is my everything. I always knew I wanted children and he has confirmed everything I believed, he is everything and more! Generally happy and healthy you would have no idea about his traumatic birth to look at him. For the last year I have been trying to learn how to be a good mother. No one said it would be easy though, there have been ups and downs and the best way that I found to deal with them is by writing them down and sharing my experiences with others. My blog is just my life, honest feelings and true thoughts and stories; I hope the help and inspire you.


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