My boys sense of independence.

Over the past few weeks I have seen massive changes in my baby, one of which is that in fact he is no longer a baby, he is now a little boy.


A number of things come hand in hand with his move into boyhood, I haven’t seen him crawl in a while, he prefers to walk around now…and by walk I mean that he runs up and down the length of the lounge yelling. He’s found his voice, that’s for sure!

Some one said to me last week that they had heard a person comment that the first few weeks of looking after a baby are the hardest, now I for one am a little unsure where that information came from because I’m discovering that the bigger he gets the more trouble he gets into! Gone are the days where I could go into town with him in the pushchair and he would beam at everybody we passed and sit happily in his chair. Gone are the days that he would eat whatever I put in front of him and gone are the days where I could take something away from him that he wasn’t allowed and he would forget about it! Isaac has got a much better sense of what he does and does not want or like.

We have a stair gate across our kitchen door to make sure Isaac can’t get in and he is obsessed with the idea of breaking through the gate into the kitchen, so much so that he will hold on to and shake the bars and scream as loud as he can while you are in there, and it doesn’t stop when you leave either! He can’t say no yet but I’m sure that as soon as he can I’ll be hearing it non stop! His often completely out of proportion reactions have got me thinking about baby development. If what the media is telling us is true then we are to believe that our children are growing up and developing a lot faster than in the past, is it therefore beyond the realms of possibility that the terrible twos hit sooner than the two mark? If they do hit sooner then how am I going to discipline Isaac when he is still so early in the process learning what’s right and wrong and probably doesn’t even have the vocabulary yet to understand why I’m telling him off.

This morning we were sitting in front of the mirror while Isaac waved at the “mirror baby”, having cuddles and he turned around to face me, gave me a huge hug and promptly bit me hard on the shoulder. Now this is a first for me, Isaac has NEVER bitten and I’m sure he didn’t do it to hurt me, he’s only just got his front teeth so I’m not sure he knows it’s any different from when he used to gum my finger, but I was so shocked that I yelped loudly and told him, rather forcefully, Do not bite mummy, that hurts. This was met by a torrent of tears, which made me feel terrible, he really hadn’t meant to (I’m sure I sound like I’m making excuses) and my immediate reaction was oh no he’s crying and to give him a cuddle…mixed signals I know. He was so upset that he wouldn’t cuddle or look at me so he settled for a cuddle with daddy. Did I just undo all of my teaching about biting by hugging him when he cried? It felt like he was crying cause he was sad he hurt me but I can’t say for sure so I guess I should have followed through and ignored him till he stopped? I feel like that would have been really mean though and as it is my husbands birthday today I wanted to be able to move on…hard to do when your child is crying uncontrollably!

Whether he is hitting the twos earlier or not I think I’ll be reading up on how to handle temper tantrums and everything else they throw at you earlier than expected, and if anyone has any good ideas on how to handle them I’m all ears!

Secondly, I had said in my previous post “the work,family, me balance” that I was going to start taking time for myself. I would like you all to know that last night I did. Isaac stayed overnight with his Granny and Grampy and I went out for dinner with his daddy and then we both went to a friends house. I didn’t get home till 12:30, to a silent house and slept in till 9:30! Now to be honest I still woke up at 7:00 when Isaac usually gets up but I managed to roll over and get back to sleep. So, feeling well rested and full of beans today I am taking Isaac t a family fun,-Heroes-and-Hounds-A-Family-Fun-Day and am very much looking forward to collecting him at 12:00. It just goes to show that I can survive without him by my side constantly…and so can he.


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