Curl up with a good book

The time for Isaac favouring his toys appears to have passed, for the moment at least. Now we love to read. I must admit that this pleases me no end, there is not a lot in the world as cute as Isaac scuttling off to his bedroom and re-appearing with a book to cries of “dat” as he pops himself on my knee and settles down to listen. It isn’t just the bonding that makes me happy, he’s thirteen months old next week and so far has three words “dat” (that), ad (dad) and “luk” (look), now I have no idea whether this is good, average or should be better but I know he’s soaking this all up like a sponge and I’m sure that at some point while I’m reading to him he’ll surprise me and join in!

I thought that as he’s so in love with reading at the moment that I would share a couple of his favorite books with you and what we think makes for good reading.

We love anything with pictures, prefrably bright, interesting, lots going on and big! He loves to study them in minute detail and point to the things he feels that I should be paying particular attention to.

Repetition of phrases and animal sounds, he loves to know what’s coming next

An actual story…this is more for me,  I can be more enthusiastic when reading these…I’m happy, he’s happy.

Now for the books:

This is the story of a Very Hot Day, and a pig who, despite the encouragement of ducks and geese (who later regret it), tries to resist the lure of the water. Pigs, you see, don’t swim. But eventually–well–SPLASH! And then all the rest of the farm animals come from their fields to watch and wait, wondering what Farmer Neligan’s response will be.

We love this, lots of repetition of animal noises and SPLASH!

It’s late at night and Mr Bear is desperately trying to sleep–but Mrs Bear snores so he tries Baby Bear’s room, but Baby Bear is pretending to be an aeroplane so there’s no peace there. Room by room Mr Bear goes through the house trying to find somewhere to sleep.

Really great pictures and repetition of Mr Bears lamentations of not being able to find anywhere to sleep!

This is a perennial favourite with children and adults alike. Its imaginative illustration and clever cut-out detail charts the progress of a very hungry caterpillar as he eats his way through the week.

Now this is a bit more specific, it has to be the board book. I’m sure 90% of you know this book, bright and beautiful. The beauty of the board book is Isaac loves to a) Turn the flaps where the caterpillar is eating and b) poke his finger in the holes in the fruit to count them with mummy.

This will do for now…I’m sure he’ll chose other favorites for me to update!

Much love



One thought on “Curl up with a good book

  1. These are great suggestions. I’m always looking for new board books to introduce to my one year old. I’m going to check out The Pig in the Pond from our library.

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