Mummy did some baking

So, somehow in amongst raising a beautiful boy I am managing to start my baking again. I love to bake and as my little brother was turning 21 I decided it was a good excuse to bake again…funny that I feel like I need an excuse! Any way I baked a lemon cake with blobs of lemon curd in it and then my husband and I iced it and here is the finished product.


I really did forget how much I enjoy it, I’ve decided that instead of stewing in front of the tv as per usual once Isaac is down I will bake! I’ve printed off a lot of recipes for muffins and cupcakes…some healthy so my weight doesn’t balloon!

In other news I made it out of the house again without Isaac and managed to bring my husband with me. Isaacs God father Tom and his wonderful fiancée Debbie put Isaac to bed and baby sat while we went for a lovely meal to celebrate my brothers birthday, I still feel full this morning! Yummy!


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