One Thing At A Time

My boy is a constant source of amazement to me! How determined he is to manage to do things alone and how, unlike the rest of us when we grow up, happy he is to ask for help when he feels like he needs support.

We spent a majority of the day yesterday at Isaac’s Granny and Grampy’s, who he adores…as soon as we get to the door he either wants handed over to one of them or heads straight for the toy box to show them how something works and have a good old play. Yesterday, however, it was actually nice enough to go into the garden so obviously this is what we did (good job to cause this morning is looking pretty bleak). My parents have been doing a lot of work in the garden recently getting it ready for summer and one addition is a little water feature. Isaac (and the dog) fell in love with this water feature. At first he was a little wary and needed mummy or daddy’s hand while he had a look but pretty seen his shoes, trousers and socks were all soaked and he was having a great time picking up the rocks and leaving them dotted around the garden, if only I could look at things and enjoy them as much as he does!

The wee man is getting pretty good at his walking now, rarely falls over, has the side step/shuffle down and has a pretty good foot stomp going on (courtesy of Grampy and their pebble path) but he’s still to little to step up onto things really!. This is where the perseverance comes in. Daddy was sitting on the swing seat when Isaac decided that he would like to be there too. there is a good 8 inch step up onto the decking that obviously his little legs couldn’t handle. Having tried to step up and failed a number of times he kept on going until he worked out that he may not be able to walk up there but if he used his fairly dormant crawling skills he could huff and puff and heave himself up to Daddy who would then help him onto the swing…what a reward! And what a wonderful way to look at the world. The phrase if at first you don’t succeed try, try again  is not used as much as it should be today. I myself am guilty of giving up on things far to quickly and getting annoyed if I don’t master them or see results when I think that I should. From now on I’m going to try to approach the world more like Isaac and keep on trying until I succeed. Who would have thought that such a little man would make such a great role model for the adults around him?


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