My Camera and a shy little boy.

So, if you know me you’ll know that when it comes to my baby I’m pretty snap happy! You can imagine my horror when on Sunday the camera on my stupid Iphone decided that it no longer wanted to be a camera any more…livid…oh, the wonderful opportunities that I’ve missed and could have immortalised for ever!

I find that since having Isaac, more than ever, I am obsessed with taking photos. It drivesRoymad…”Why can’t you just enjoy the moment?”…I was thinking about that last night, why can’t I just enjoy the moment? I think that the answer is that I don’t want the moment to end. When a moment is over then you still have your memory, but eventually memories fade and I don’t want to loose any of my time with Isaac and I certainly do not want to forget any of it. Photos are the remedy for me, I can nostalgically look back over where we have come from, and more than that, I can share it!

The world that we live in today, families no longer live around the corner from each other. MY younger sister is studying for her PHD in theNetherlands; she’s been there for a number of years and will be there for at least another four now. In the past that would mean letters, photos sent in the post, phone calls. Now it means Skype, email, phone calls of course and Facebook. I take lots of pictures and I put them all up on line so that the members of my family and friends that are scattered around can share in this wonderful experience that I am having.

As Isaac grows I feel like my bond with him is getting stronger and stronger. I never truly understood how deeply you can love someone until I had a child; it is a unique type of love and one that I know he feels too. I cherish watching him grow up and explore new places, on Saturday he walked up the steps to our garage alone (ok they’re only small steps but he’s always wanted Mummy or Daddy’s hand up till now) using a little palm to steady himself on the garage wall he went up step by step and beamed when he got to the top…it’s funny how proud you can be of something so seemingly small. I love being his fortress, his safe place…we collected daddy from his football match yesterday and walked up to the pitch together, he was confidently striding next to me holding my hand, until he saw all of Daddy’s team mates walking towards us he stopped and wrapped his arms around my legs and peered out from behind them. I don’t think I ever felt like a real parent until that moment where he leaned on me, really leaned on me for support and protection. My heart melted all over again.

Emily Gatis– Mummy.


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