Stepping out

I was never one that really, really loved to walk, I like to be pretty places, getting there not so much. Today, however, Isaac and I joined my mum and her dog on a local walk and it was just great! Bubba started off in the buggy and was desperate to walk the dog himself so we attached her to the pram and off we went, Isaac waving the lead squealling with delight, Pixie helping me pull the buggy up a steep hill and Granny jollying us along, it was hillarious, we were all in stitches by the summit! Once we had made it up Isaac was unleashed, off he toddled holding Grannies hand, a look of wonderment on his face. Hiding in the grass, popping up every so often, picking up sticks and waving them about, insisting on holding the lead. He was totally amazed by the sunlight bouncing off the leaves in the wood, I would love to see the world like he does…everything new, beautiful, amazing..Just as I see him.



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