So, my revelation, I’m a grown up. It doesn’t sound like a big revelation but it was. I had Isaac at 27. At that time I still felt pretty young, I went out with friends, drank, went to gigs, I piddled away enjoyed my money.
Flash forward to 2012, skint.


My husband and I both work really hard but debts are a constant concern. My revelation came when we sat down and looked at our money, really looked and found all the ways we could save. I changed my phone contract. We changed our phone and internet. We swapped our car. That was my revelation, I am mature enough to look at my Vectra, how it guzzles diesel and say I need something more fuel, tax, insurance efficient. That’s right, I swapped my beefy Vauxhall vectra for a piddly fiat panda. Small (with enough boot space to comfortably fit a buggy and all Isaacs gear surprisingly), fuel efficient, £30 tax for the year, £25 less per month for insurance…it all makes sense…I’m officially an adult. What a revelation. Now a quick confession…I LOVE MY OUR NEW PANDA…shh don’t tell anyone.


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