Daddys day and Lala

No, not the teletubby, our childminder.

We are lucky enough to have a wonderful childminder, recommended by a friend…always a good start. Isaac adores her, it makes it easier to leave him if I know he’s having a good time. She does loads of activities with them, toddler groups, music groups and a like. His development has really come along since going there and I couldn’t be happier…until this morning. I, like most dutiful mothers, am sill waiting to hear Isaac utter the magical word…mummy, mama, mum, any of the above. So, imagine my pain when this morning my chirpy little son wakes up and while getting him dressed I ask him if he would like to go and see Linda today and he squeals Lala…fluke I tell myself…it sounds a bit like Linda granted but he babbles all the time and I’m forever thinking that he’s said hello (and last night I could swear he said oh dear). Nope, no fluke. Dressed and ready we arrive at Linda’s door and he points and says Lala again…damn it, why oh why am I last in line?! I’m glad that he’s finding his voice and getting out his words but is it too much to ask for one of them to be mummy?!

Daddy and Isaac at 3 days old

Daddy with Isaac at three days old.

This blog post is two pronged. My second prong is an ode to Isaacs daddy. I know that it was fathers day yesterday but I like to  be different so I am writing about Isaacs daddy today. (I know you read this Roy and I mean every word) Isaacs daddy is great, he’s my rock, my best friend, the love of my life and to top it all off he’s a terrific father. When Isaac was born, as you may have read, it was a bit on the rocky side, he was a constant source of strength and reassurance. When I was sore from the C-section he would pass me Isaac to feed at 12, 2, 5 in the morning. When I had to give up breast-feeding as my baby was too hungry he supported my decision. He did his fair share of 3am bottle feeds. When he was back at work and I wasn’t he did every 5am feed during the week getting up for work early to allow me a few precious minutes in bed. When Isaac was ill for the first time with a bad temperature he reassured me and him and sat on the sofa with our little bundle watching Disney films snuggled under the blanket. He changed dirty nappies, got pooped, vomited, peed, snotted on and laughed it all off. Now Isaac is older he is a climbing frame, the one who will turn him upside down and make him squeal with delight, the one who laughs when he’s playing computer games and Isaac needs to join in and manages to find the only button on the controller that will make daddy’s character throw himself out of a moving vehicle.  He is a constant source of fun, love and support and I am so looking forward to watching Isaac and his daddy’s relationship grow as they do.

Today I feel extremely lucky!


3 thoughts on “Daddys day and Lala

  1. I can relate to the first words issue. My kiddo didn’t really say his first word til much later, but when he was babbling, he would say “dadada” instead of “mamama.” And when he finally did say a word, it was “nana” for banana haha. Go figure. I just told myself so long as he’s getting those words in, then that’s what’s most important. Then again he was attached to me so I had little doubt of his feelings.

    I’m sure in no time he’ll be saying “mama” 🙂

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