Next Mummy Stylist Blogger competition

So I, as do most of you I’m guessing, love to style my little man so when I saw this competition and I thought that it looked like something I’d enjoy taking part in…and if I win great!!

So this is what I have chosen…and probably will be buying for the bubaa at some point, lets start from the head and work our way down:


Next Monkey Hat

Really cute and so important in the sun (if we ever see any). I LOVE everything with ears on it and Isaac would love this hat…lots to look at when he whips it off his head, which he would at some point without a doubt and I love trucker hats. The monkey is special cause every time Isaac sees anything monkey related its met with cries of Ah Ah Ah…my little monkey!


Next Grey Stone Roses T-Shirt

Stone Roses…daddys favourite band and more sentimentally Isaacs first ever band related t-shirt, given as a gift when he was tiny and now far too small. Now I know where to find them I definitely will be.


Next Grey Monkey Hoody

More monkey ears!! Will go nicely with the t-shirt and is really cute! Lined so should be comfortable and warm in case of any chilly winds and lovely monkey motif on the breast…Isaac loves all thing applique and will spend hours rubbing this little monky…of course with his accompanying Ah Ah Ah noises!


Next Ticking Stripe Dungarees

What is cuter than a little boy in dungarees? Answer…not a lot! Nice cut offs for summer to keep little legs cool and a cotton/linen blend to keep the rest of the body cool too, beautiful denim colouring which goes with everything…what more can you ask for?


Next Circus Trainer Socks Five Pack

Really interesting trainer socks. Bright and interesting to look at. Cotton elastain mix so will keep little feet that are learning to walk cool but should actually stay on!

Converse Lime Chuck Taylor Boots

Converse hi-tops…nuff said!!

Coat…in case of bad weather (you know you’ll need one)

Next Blue Printed Cagoule

Cute print, light, easy to pack away in the buggy and no hassle to carry about if its sunny…a staple everyone needs!

So here are my picks…I hope you like them and feel free to join in the fun!



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