How Quickly Time Flies

It is just amazing how quickly Isaac is growing up, I blink and he’s completely changed. I had one of those moments today putting him down to bed. Roy has been away all weekend on a stag do so Isaac was extreemly excited to see him back…I realised that it is the first time that Roy has been away for any lenght of time when Isaac is old enough to realse hat he is gone. He was clamped to his daddy like a little Koala.

Any way, back to the story. We we’re putting him down together. Because he is a “big boy” now he has a beaker of milk and a slice of toast when he goes down. Roy had just commented on how much the wee man had grown up over the past two day while he had been gone and sited his new dance moves as an example. Isaac has always loved to dance and this weekend has added a number of new moves to his repertoire.  He was merrily munching his toast when I asked him “Do you want to show Daddy your dance moves” and he did. This may not sound like much but this is the first time EVER that I have asked him if he would like to do something and he has understood what I meant and done the action requested. Fluke I thought, so I asked him again, same thing happened. Oh my God, he know’s what I am saying…I can communicate with my son!! It’s like Daddy coming home has flicked a little switch in his head. “Isaac would you like some of your milk?” A nod of the head and trundle over to mummy to take his milk. “Isaac would you like a piece of toast?” another nod of the head and a trot over to his plate to pick up some toast.

Now it starts to get exciting…now we can communicate…now I am so VERY excited about the future! Suddenly ageing another year tomorrow isn’t so scary!


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