A Week Last Friday

It’s taken me a while to get round to writing this.

My scar brain re-training seems to be going ok, every time I look at or think about my scar I also think about some way in which my life has been impacted in a positive way by it being there. I even went swimming…in a bikini. Granted it was a bikini with massive 50’s style granny pants to go with it but it was a bikini none the less and it was the first time in almost 2 years…go me!! It was totally worth it too, we took the little man to the Windsor Leisure Pool, the pool with waves!!

We’ve been a bit lazy with Isaac and his swiming recently (he used to have lessons but they became too expensive so we swore we would go once a week ourselves) and he isn’t as confident in the water as he used to be…it takes him a while to settle down. Once he got back into the swing of it he had a great time and even did two underwater swims…proud mummy!

On another proud mummy note, Isaac strung together a few words in the bath on Tuesday. He only has three or four Luk (look) and Dat (that) being half of them. So it was hardly suprising that when Daddy did something amazing he uttered Luk a Dat (look at that), just once mind you…he hasn’t said it again since but it would seem that talking is just around the corner for my little star.

A week tomorrow we are off on Isaacs second ever holiday. First to Glasgow to visit the family and then to Balmoral. Should be great…and an experience. Having downgraded our car I have no idea how we are going to fit all of Isaacs stuff that he needs into the back of our Panda. Someone will have to travel light to make sure there is space for his things and it’s not going to be me…how would I fit all of the outfits I could need (when I will probably only wear a few) if my luggage is limited?! In order to get to Glasgow Isaac is going on his first flight, and I am terrified…not of flying mind (although I am not a great fan of that either) but of being that person on the plane with the screaming child that everyone is staring daggers at. We are flying at 18:50 so the wee one should be tired, fingers crossed, and happy to sit still but have you ever heard of a one year old that was happy to sit still for 45 minutes when not forced to do so in their buggy?! So, any flying advice any one? I know it’s only a short flight really but how can I make it easier on myself and him?!

And a little something for mummy too…

It was my birthday on Monday so this weekend we are having a BBQ. Fingers crossed for good weather everyone!! This also involves a lot of baking…a birthday cake for me, cupcakes and maybe if there is time cheese cake slices too, it’s going to be a very busy weekend.


2 thoughts on “A Week Last Friday

  1. That’s a great way to look at your scar. I have scars too that’s not child-birth related and I can’t even think of a single positive thing from that other than don’t ever do that again haha. In your case, there’s no contest that Isaac is worth that scar and then some.

    Great job on swimming! We swam this past weekend too, and same as yours, my toddler hesitated a bit before going in (never mind that he swam the past two summers just fine). But once we got in, he was loving the beach ball and the floaties and all the splashing around.

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