More and more baking

Did more baking this weekend. As you may know it was my birthday last Monday and this weekend was my party. As our friends are mostly couple and baby based now we decided on a mid afternoon BBQ. Fingers firmly crossed for the weather I decided that it was a birthday party so it needed cake! I made another 24 cupcakes, vanilla with vanilla icing…bright green, and a sponge cake and iced it myself. As it turns out I love baking and decorating cakes…a little something that I can do for myself…I also love to eat cake so it seems to be a match made in heaven.

I also decided that it would not be completely irresponsible to have two glasses of red wine…yummy!

The weather sayed bright, the BBQ was fired up, the men did what men do and cooked and stood around it, the women sat indoors and played with the kids and gossiped…what a stereotype but true! It was a lovely day…spent it with my family and friends, what a pleasure. I’m finding more and more that I can be myself and Isaacs mummy at the same time.

Now time to start on a 30th birthday party cake before catching a flight up north on Friday…what a busy week!!


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