My Big Bed Just Got Smaller

When Roy and I found out we were expecting it made me think of all the times as a child that I insisted on sleeping in mum and dads bed…I’m ill, I had a nightmare…the list goes on. We decided that if, in the next eighteen years, we wanted to get any sleep at all we would need to replace our falling apart bed, and it would need to be with a bigger one!

A nightmare with Dreams later we had a Next bed and King Size mattress…super comfortable, I am really, really happy with our bed.

Flash forward to last night. We are still catching up on sleep after the holiday and Roys body literally forced him to sleep on Tuesday night. We go to be early (very rock and roll I know) and settle down for a nice nights sleep and to wake up refreshed and ready for another day at work. One in the morning Isaac wakes up screaming like a child possessed. Roy and I take turns at trying to settle him but every time we leave he starts up again…not much sleep happening in our house at the moment! We think we’ve cracked it, lie down, close our eyes and he’s off again. There is nothing else to do. He’s picked up and popped in the middle of us. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not going to make this a habit, usually Isaac sleeps right through without a peep in his own room, doors closed, you hear nothing from him between seven-thirty pm and six thirty am, obviously something had really upset him. He needed to be with mummy and daddy. Now keeping in mind that he’s only thirteen months old, I have no idea how he ended up with the WHOLE bed and Roy and I ended up hanging off it. The poor little man was only happy when he could feel either mummy or daddy close…can thirteen month olds have nightmares? If so how can you possibly explain to them that they aren’t real when they can’t explain to you what they’re upset about?

I woke up again at four fifty and moved him, slowly and extremely carefully into his own bed. Lay down, closed my eyes. BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. Roys alarm.

Bye bye sleep, old friend, I shall miss you. Hello Red Bull, I have a feeling that we shall be getting to know one another very well in the coming years!


One thought on “My Big Bed Just Got Smaller

  1. From what I recall 13 month olds in grown up beds stretch out sideways until all the room is used up. Not that Roy was the one who ever did this – he slept far too well for that.

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