Musings for the weekend…

This weekend has been a very eventful ME weekend.

On Friday night I went “out out”. Yes, that’s right. I got dressed up, did my make up and went out with the girls and it was great. I even drank cocktails! Yummy. My wonderful husband agreed to pick me up…at 12 of course before my car turned into a pumpkin.

It was a great night. I got ready with my friend Charlotte and then we teetered over to Jo’s house (the most amazingly decorated flat I have ever seen-one that inspires true jealousy when you go home and see your own toy covered mess). Drank our favorite cocktails, post Jo’s wedding…the Mile High…equal measures of Vodka, Archers, Raspberry Sours and then add some lemonade…if you haven’t tried it , do, it’s yummy!! It was so liberating to be able to get out of the house, have a couple of drinks and a dance and get dressed up. After that we teetered into Windsor and a couple of bars. When the clock struck 12 I made my way back to the car and my little toy strewn home!

Saturday and a wedding to attend. Isaac had to be left with Granny and Grampy so I was a little blue to start off with, While I am working 4 days a week I really look forward to my three-day weekends with him. Any way off he was carted…didn’t look back once! We got our glad rags on, went to leave and couldn’t find the car keys…you wouldn’t think that this would be a problem but we only have one set and one car…major problem!! We turned the house upside down and no sign of them. Eventually we found them down the back of the media unit…aparently Isaac had been playing hid the car keys and give daddy a heart attack! 

The wedding was lovely, as was the weather and I got to wear my birthday present dress, which was brilliant. How often do you get to dress up nicely, let alone do it twice in one weekend!! I got to sit down and have a hot meal without someone deciding that they would rather be eating mine than theirs and a HOT cup of tea that stayed hot!!

The only draw back was that there was no signal at all where we were and as we are on chicken pox watch after a recent exposure I was getting a bit fidgety by the seven o clock mark…I don’t like radio silence when it comes to Isaac! At half eight I decided enough was enough and it was time for me to go home (the hubby stayed out to drink my share as well as his). Of course when I got home there had been no emergency…in fact my parents were happily watching the olympics (which by the way I’ve really gotten into this year) and were quite surprised to see me so early! I was happy to just sit in front of the Tv after my two very eventful days and listen to the silence of the baby monitor.

To add to my busy time I will be blogging from Paris tomorrow and Thursday. That’s right, Roy and I are off on our own for 48 hours…it’ll be like leaving one of my arms behind but it’s Paris so who would argue! I’ve been checking the weather…good bye stupid British drizzle, hello 26 degree sunshine!! I’m all packed with my summer clothes and ready to start the journey at, wait for it, 4:30 am tomorrow. Yes you heard me 4:30am, not even Isaac gets me up tha early now…eeek!

So until tomorrow mes amis. Xx



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