Au revoir Paris

Our time in Paris is drawing to a close, so much to fit in. I want to see Notre Dame and eat pastries!

We got up and scraped in breakfast 2 minutes before they stopped serving! Go team Gatis.

We got ourselves ready, packed, and left. Took our bag to the station and deposited it. Off we went to the metro…we were pros by then!

Made it to Notre Dame, beautiful. We had a wander outside and then joined the long but surprisingly fast-moving line.


We were lucky enough to see Mass as well while we were in there. The church was stunning, the windows, the paintings, all of it.
Once we had finished we had a look around the gardens.


Luckily for us we also stumbled upon a memorial for the French Jewish people sent to Germany during the war. The deportation memorial was such a powerful place to visit. Fragments of two French poems by Robert Desnos are carved into the walls and a circular plaque on the floor is inscribed “they descended into the mouth of the earth and they did not return”, behind this, along a narrow chamber 200,000 tiny lights shine, one for every life. As you exit the chamber you pass under the inscription “forgive but never forget”.

After such a heavy visit we got lunch and walked along the Paris plages. Next to the river, so beautiful views, it had sand, games, umbrellas, deck chairs, it had it all.

The afternoon was spent seeing the rest of what Paris had to offer and time flew by too fast (although I was desperate to see Isaac). This was the first time since Isaac was born that Roy and I were just Roy and Emily, not mummy and daddy ans we have vowed to do this once a year from now on. It’s nice every so often to just be a couple.


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