Bonjour Paris

So we made it to Paris. Very early start…ferried to the Euro star by my sister for a 6:55 train and in Paris by 10. I’ve never taken the Euro star before and its surprisingly easy to do…book in and sit on the train. Roy promptly fell asleep and I followed suit…content to be the odd dribbly woman, it was early enough that everyone else was asleep too so I didn’t feel bad.
We left our little bag at gare du Nord and set off for a wander…accidentally taking us through the ghetto…we couldn’t work out the metro or find someone to ask.
Miles and miles later we got to the river and the Louvre, I got to see the glass pyramids that I’ve been dying to see.


The queue to get in was obscene so we decided to move on to the arc du triomph. Our walk here took us down the most expensive shopping street I have ever seen, Gucci, Loui, all the big names as far as we could see…a street where we did not belong.
After some lunch we made it to the Arc


Our sight seeing was not done, off ti the Eiffel Tour. The top was closed so we decided not to go up it but to go back in the evening to see if it was open then.


Checked in at the hotel after collecting our bags and finally working out how to use the metro! All this minus a little boy who’s staying with his Granny.
Out for dinner and a drink or two.


Off to the Eiffel tour again to see the light show…spectacular…


Busy bees yesterday, let’s see what today will bring.
Bon nuit from Paris. Xx


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