The day music found me again…

I have been waiting since 2001…that’s 11 years. 11 years and last night I finally saw At The Drive In at Brixton academy…it’s the only time I’ve ever used my O2 Priority to get tickets and am so very glad that I did…what a night…last night I was not a mummy or a wife I was right back to watching a band that I LOVE with my best friend who happens to be my other half!

It was hot, sweaty and an amazing night!! As I am now an adult and can not handle working with a hangover and a one year old…in fact I can’t think of anything worse than that…we decided to drive to Victoria and then get the tube. We got to Brixton Academy at about 8:45 and then it was straight to the bar. What a smell there was oozing from all of the sweaty men, stifling does not even come close, I’d forgotten that smell! 2drinks each and £16 later we were ready to go.

On comes the band…is Roy crying? God this is amazing.

I have not been to see a band in so long that have completely blown me away, I was in awe…so much so that on the way out I asked Roy if it would be weird to call our next child either Omar or Cedric if it was a boy…you know for something to live up to?

I’d also forgotten how nice people were at gigs, someone falls down, they pick you up, someone needs to get past you they say excuse me and sorry too…so much politer than the pub, and every one else there was my age…late 20s early 30s and had been waiting for 11 years like me, and guess what, everybody had a great time judging by the sweaty smiling hoards leaving the venue.

Oh gigs how I’ve missed you, I hope to meet you again soon!


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