Seven Days…

I have a happy boy 99% of the time, that is exactly what makes it so hard when he isn’t so happy!

We are very blessed that Isaac spends most of his time smiling and laughing, and I suppose that I should be grateful it’s so easy to tell when he’s under the weather (the little smile fades).

Last week we had an awful time with him. For all of you who’s children have gotten/ are getting their first molars I know you feel my pain! Isaac has three of the four and is getting the fourth…oh good grief…how is it that one tooth can give so much trouble when the others came through fairly easily? This tooth has been the tooth from hell. He’s dribbly, upset, hot, has a rash, off his food. My wee angel was replaced with a screaming, clingy banshee (a banshee who I still love with all of me)!

We had seven whole days and nights of sad Isaac…that’s a long time, believe me!

It’s not only how bad I feel about not being able to help him it’s how bad people make me feel when he’s out and about! He won’t walk when he’s clingy and cries to be picked up or he has a small knock and cries a bit more than he needs to or maybe he’s just making wingy noises…the looks that you get from people…is that noise really necessairy? YES that noise is necessairy….he’s in pain, he doesn’t feel well, the only way he can communicate that with me is by making these noises…his vocabulary is certainly not good nough for him to say “excuse me mother but my tooth is giving me awful troubble and is really quite sore” so he winges and I’m sorry if you find that noise annoying but your snooty look and muttered comments are not helping and certainly are not going to change anything! It’s hard to cope with a little one who is under the weather and even harder when you feel like you’re being judged…it’s called empathy people! Thankfully poeople who know you and your family are more sympathetic.

I spent most of those seven days dealing with screaming tantrums or crying…ok not his fault but when you;’re sleep deprived it’s hard work! We ended up taking him to the doctors as I was worried about the rash and found out that not only was he having a hell of a time teething but he also had a virus…of all the rotten luck!

He hardly ate for a week which is really distressing as he is usually such a good little eater and I can not tell you how happy I was when I gave him and ill sized portion of food and he finished it and asked for more…my wee man is back…hurrah!

I can not wait until Isaac has finished his teething and all those blasted molars are through! Grr…angry mummy!


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