Growing up.

My little man is growing up…this may seem like a small thing to you but to me this is huge…Isaac has always been a tower smasher, build a pike of anything and he has to break it, yesterday though he put one brick on top of another, and another and another till he had a tower if 4. I couldn’t believe it!


Now he’s stacking everything, a new trick and a very proud mummy. He also interacted with my sister on Skype for the first time ever, they spent a good five minutes making faces at each other. Now I know that as a mum I should be critical of technology, children spend too long looking at screens etc but I don’t know where I would be without it. Family is very important to me and with my sister living abroad technology is a part of my life now more than ever. I relish the fact that Isaac can see his auntie on the computer, talk to her, pull faces at her and get to know her so she’s never a stranger even with her being in another country!
More firsts now, Isaac at the moment does nor seem to be one for sitting still and learning, he has too much to say and do, but tonight he learnt to say head and where it was in his body. To top it all of he sat at the table, by choice, on an adult chair and ate his lunch, the whole time sitting ever so still ans looking mighty pleased with himself.

To finish up how about something to make you smile…
Me: Isaac, give the kitty kisses.
Isaac looks at the cat he is stroking and makes kissing noises, leans down and licks him.
Isaac: yuck.
Yep, my son is a genius!


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