He doesn’t say a lot…

…but when he does it’s a constant source of amazement to me!

Lots of other children around the same age have many more words than he does…it bothered me, being a first time mum I was worried that he had problems talking or learning and was desperate for him to start moving past his babbling noises. I’m not claiming that he doesn’t have any words…he’s mastered no, all gone (gah-gah), car and one or two others but this weekend he really surprised me.

Sitting on his own happily stacking his cups, my husband and I saw him put one on the floor and exclaim One, then another followed by Two, then another followed by Twee, and a last one followed by Faw. That’s right people, my wee man counted one, two, three, four! Suddenly I’m not so worried any more!!


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