Dinner time battles

Isaac really took to the whole weaning process, tried and mostly loved anything we put in front of him (especially what was on mummy and daddy’s plate) but now he is approaching the 18 month mark all that has changed. Dinner has turned into a war zone! If I want him to eat something he sniffs out my desperation like a hound and then that’s it, there is no way that’s going into my mouth, out comes the little chubby index finger, pointed at mummy and the two most annoying letters in the English language “NO”.

So, veg is a big NO, fruit is mostly a NO, chicken is a huge NO.

Now I’m one of those mums who hides food in food!

I’m not going to lie and say that food and I haven’t had a rocky relationship in the past so I’ve tried to be really laid back with weaning Isaac and just taking it as it comes. I suppose that it was pretty naive of me to think that I’d got this feeding thing down, of course I should have expected a spanner in the works at some point.

We hit an all time low on Monday night when all he ate was a roast potato. Mummy had a mini melt down while trying desperately to spoon feed a little man who one: would rather be spoon-feeding himself and two: had seen mummy’s desperation and decided that nothing else would be eaten tonight. Daddy had to leave the table at one point (usually it’s me that’s the stress head). In the end nothing else was eaten, he got down from the table and went to bed hungry…I felt like the worst mummy in the world. It doesn’t help that you know deep down if they are really hungry they’ll eat, its the thought of that empty little tummy curled up in bed *sigh*.

After the Monday night trauma my husband and I discussed the eating issues…we’ve always wanted to show a united front. The conclusion we came to is that for the time being we will stick to feeding him mostly what he likes…he loves anything with mince, potato, spaghetti, yogurt, pasta. For the things that he’s decided he’s not too keen on we’ll introduce them slowly and quietly into things that he does like. On Tuesday we had pasta and with it a blended veg sauce chopped up with tinned tomatoes and shredded the rest of the roast chicken and mixed it through…suprise surprise he ate it and then his yogurt too.

We’ve also decided to try making his portion sizes smaller. He’s alway loved food and had a fair amount on his plate but maybe now he’s growing up and realising his independence the plate is too full and is a bit daunting? Whether or not this is the case we have decided to cut back on his portion sizes…if he finishes it and wants more then great, if not then he’s obviously had enough so why force the issue.

We always have done and will continue to eat together as a family. We have always wanted Isaac to see us enjoying our food and want to nurture a healthy attitude towards it so every night we sit round the table together and eat the same thing. It’s not for the faint hearted, or those who care too much about their floors but despite the constant carpeting of food all over him, the table and the floor when his spoon skills are a bit questionable we really enjoy eating together (not so much the mess afterwards but mess can be cleaned).

I guess what I’m trying to say is if you’re feeling like me you aren’t alone, the internet tells me that there are hundreds of us out there struggling with headstrong tots who are taking over meal times! I’m going to keep practicing the points I’ve outlined


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