Winning the food war…

So I blogged about Isaacs eating issues of late and the tact Roy and I were adopting to deal with it…as a refresher we had decided that dinner was dinner, if Isaac refused it then he could get down from the table once we had finished ours and if he asked for food all he would be offered was the dinner he had refused. Mince has been a particularly difficult food as he appeared to have decided he was not in the least bit interested in eating it, it had gone from number one choice to sub-zero!

Yesterday I made lasagna, not easy with a slightly clingy child wrapped around my legs and desperate to help and I was a bit concerned that he would refuse it without a second glance upon seeing the mince but we all sat down at te table, gave him his plate and ate together and he ate a huge amount (cue a little victory dance in my head)!!!

I feel like I’ve won the lottery. It was stressful, and horrid when he went to bed after refusing to eat anything but it seems to have sunk home that if mummy and daddy put down your dinner then that is your dinner…no swapsies! You eat it or you don’t but you aren’t getting anything else and his choice for the moment at least is eat it!

On another note we are now in one of my favourite seasons…Autumn (my other favourite being Spring) and it is the first year that Isaac can really enjoy it! We got him some nice shiny red wellies from ASDA and some funky welly socks, popped them on him and went off to White Leaf Cross for a walk. We spent ages there, looking at leaves, kicking leaves, watching the planes in the sky. We got home with rosy red autumn cheeks and very happy. What a lovely day…topped off by the lack of dinner drama!


One thought on “Winning the food war…

  1. Bless you, i had this with my first child who is 11 now,its a nightmare although i followed your tact of eat what is on your plate, when she went to her dads she would cry and he would get up from the table and make her something different, needless to say this battle was waged for a long long time! i finally won and now she is not in the least bit picky 🙂

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