Can we have it all?

The government has announced new legislation today which could significantly change the way that we take our maternity leave!

The BBC has reported that as of 2015 we will have the right to share our leave with our partner to be staggered or taken at the same time and have a legal right to request flexible working hours. This will “provide women with a clearer route back to work and is designed to give us a real choice over our work life balance“.

As a new mother it was incredibly scary for me to be left at home on my own with Isaac for the first time when Roy wen’t back to work, over and above that I had an emergency C-section so was supposed to “take it easy” for 6 weeks after and that included No Driving. Now I’m aware as I’m sure all of you are that when you have a baby you can’t take it easy but I think had Roy been able to stay for the extra 4 weeks of my recovery time my life would have made the experience so much better! I can still remember how awkward it was bending down to change nappies being pretty uncomfortable and just to have the extra help lifting things and pushing the buggy would have been amazing.

Now when I first had Isaac I did not want to go back to work really. Now if you asked me if I will be going back to work after any future children I would say finances permitting yes. I know working isn’t every mums cup of tea but I have found it does me the world of good to have forced adult company and it does him the world of good to go to the childminders, now I can’t prove that it has been a big factor in his personality but I can tell you that he is a very happy smiley confident little boy and I attribute that, at-least in part, to his wonderful childminder! I would be happy to have Roy around more at the beginning, or indeed at the end, or any point in-between. I felt that in the 10 months I was off work I bonded well with my wee man and always felt a bit guilty when Roy would get home for his ritual 6-7pm cryathon and felt like as he only got the 2 weeks off he didn’t get to bond as well as I did. If I have any other children post 2015 I will definitely be sharing out my maternity with my husband! It’s a shame we have to wait till 2015 for this legislation to come into play but I am excited for when it does and what it will mean!


One thought on “Can we have it all?

  1. Im with you, i had a c-section and after my hubby went back to work 14 days after he was born i really struggled and it really got me down. I dont think 2 weeks is enough, i think this would help no end for families as a whole 🙂

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