A day to Myself

Today I have a day to myself, we are having cavity wall insulation put in and as it pretty noisy work my husband has taken the day off and is taking the wee man out.

Since 8 this morning I have:

Tidied the house

Put things in the loft

Done two washings

Cleaned the kitchen

Mended a broken skirt

Made the bed

Joined the waiting list for an NHS dentist

I’m still planning to clean the bathroom, turn up some curtains, clean the oven, do more washings.

I have come to the profound conclusion that I do not know how to relax. The thought of sitting still irks me when there is so much I feel like I could accomplish with my spare day, but when will I next get a properly baby free day? Why can’t I just switch off?! I suppose being a mum you’re on standby ALL the time, you work 24/7 all year and when that’s the life that you’re used to a day of nothing can be pretty daunting. I used to be able to lie in, lounge around in my PJs till mid day…not any more. My head is filled with stuff I should be could be doing and part of me is really annoyed that I can’t just leave them till later…half of my brain is screaming just have a HOT cup of tea and be able to enjoy it, while the other half is desperate for me to achieve as much as humanly possible today. AAAH!

Really today couldn’t have come at a better time, my baby brother (21 year old actually) is having his brace off today after a long and arduous process of fixed brace and what ended up as three operations so tonight we are celebrating and going out for a meal. The time is now 11:25 which gives me 8 hours to get ready for this meal. Perhaps, just perhaps I’ll let the manic side of my brain be silenced and actually pamper myself while I have the time.

Dear Manic side of my brain


Many thanks




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