So, there has been some radio silence for a while. The family have been preparing for Christmas among other things.

Sadly for the last two weeks we have been experiencing Isaac’s first ear infection…I have it on good authority from his cries that this is extremely painful!

It started on a Monday night when unusually he woke crying twice during the night…here is where the communication comes in…he was able to sit on my knee, clutch his ear and cry “ear, ear, eeeeaaaaaarrrrr.” I have never been so grateful for his ability to say the word ear. This is the first time that my son has ever, actually been able to tell me what is wrong with him and its helped me to see how fast he’s growing up now. His vocabulary is growing all the time, yesterday granny added snake, and I added wet and box…granted none of these words are particularly useful but hey ho!

I’m also really excited about Christmas now. Last year Isaac was eight months old and had no idea what was going on. This year he’s 20 months and every time he sees a Christmas tree, lights or gets to open a card he squeals with delight…I can’t wait for him to get his presents! I think I’m more excited than he is! It’s my last day at work until the new year, the family is beginning to arrive and I am feeling very merry indeed!

After Christmas I’m also going to write up about my crafty gifts I’ve made…for obvious reasons (spoilers for some readers) I can’t do that right now!