Isaac stands by the window stroking the cat and then makes kissing noises.

Mummy : Isaac are you going to give the cat kisses?

Isaac bows his head, sticks out his tounge, licks the cat.

Isaac : Yuck!

You think?!


Growing up.

My little man is growing up…this may seem like a small thing to you but to me this is huge…Isaac has always been a tower smasher, build a pike of anything and he has to break it, yesterday though he put one brick on top of another, and another and another till he had a tower if 4. I couldn’t believe it!
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Seven Days…

I have a happy boy 99% of the time, that is exactly what makes it so hard when he isn’t so happy!

We are very blessed that Isaac spends most of his time smiling and laughing, and I suppose that I should be grateful it’s so easy to tell when he’s under the weather (the little smile fades).

Last week we had an awful time with him. For all of you who’s children have gotten/ are getting their first molars I know you feel my pain! Isaac has three of the four and is getting the fourth…oh good grief…how is it that one tooth can give so much trouble when the others came through fairly easily? This tooth has been the tooth from hell. He’s dribbly, upset, hot, has a rash, off his food. My wee angel was replaced with a screaming, clingy banshee (a banshee who I still love with all of me)!

We had seven whole days and nights of sad Isaac…that’s a long time, believe me!

It’s not only how bad I feel about not being able to help him it’s how bad people make me feel when he’s out and about! He won’t walk when he’s clingy and cries to be picked up or he has a small knock and cries a bit more than he needs to or maybe he’s just making wingy noises…the looks that you get from people…is that noise really necessairy? YES that noise is necessairy….he’s in pain, he doesn’t feel well, the only way he can communicate that with me is by making these noises…his vocabulary is certainly not good nough for him to say “excuse me mother but my tooth is giving me awful troubble and is really quite sore” so he winges and I’m sorry if you find that noise annoying but your snooty look and muttered comments are not helping and certainly are not going to change anything! It’s hard to cope with a little one who is under the weather and even harder when you feel like you’re being judged…it’s called empathy people! Thankfully poeople who know you and your family are more sympathetic.

I spent most of those seven days dealing with screaming tantrums or crying…ok not his fault but when you;’re sleep deprived it’s hard work! We ended up taking him to the doctors as I was worried about the rash and found out that not only was he having a hell of a time teething but he also had a virus…of all the rotten luck!

He hardly ate for a week which is really distressing as he is usually such a good little eater and I can not tell you how happy I was when I gave him and ill sized portion of food and he finished it and asked for more…my wee man is back…hurrah!

I can not wait until Isaac has finished his teething and all those blasted molars are through! Grr…angry mummy!

My Little Monkey…

I thought that walking was bad…then came running, I thought running was bad…then came climbing, oh good grief the climbing!!

I go to the loo, something that terrifies all mothers with mobile children, where will they be when I get back…in my case, on top of the TV unit…great, cheeky smile. 

The house goes quiet…he’s trying to climb into his crib to get at stinky tiger (for those of you who don’t know, stinky tiger is now confined to the bedroom as he is too disgusting to be allowed anywhere else), my first thought…if he’s trying to climb in now how long will it be until he tries to climb out during the night.

I have a sinking feeling that the days of me being able to choose if Isaac needs to see me at some forsaken time at night are rapidly drawing to a close.

The day music found me again…

I have been waiting since 2001…that’s 11 years. 11 years and last night I finally saw At The Drive In at Brixton academy…it’s the only time I’ve ever used my O2 Priority to get tickets and am so very glad that I did…what a night…last night I was not a mummy or a wife I was right back to watching a band that I LOVE with my best friend who happens to be my other half!

It was hot, sweaty and an amazing night!! As I am now an adult and can not handle working with a hangover and a one year old…in fact I can’t think of anything worse than that…we decided to drive to Victoria and then get the tube. We got to Brixton Academy at about 8:45 and then it was straight to the bar. What a smell there was oozing from all of the sweaty men, stifling does not even come close, I’d forgotten that smell! 2drinks each and £16 later we were ready to go.

On comes the band…is Roy crying? God this is amazing.

I have not been to see a band in so long that have completely blown me away, I was in awe…so much so that on the way out I asked Roy if it would be weird to call our next child either Omar or Cedric if it was a boy…you know for something to live up to?

I’d also forgotten how nice people were at gigs, someone falls down, they pick you up, someone needs to get past you they say excuse me and sorry too…so much politer than the pub, and every one else there was my age…late 20s early 30s and had been waiting for 11 years like me, and guess what, everybody had a great time judging by the sweaty smiling hoards leaving the venue.

Oh gigs how I’ve missed you, I hope to meet you again soon!

Hurricaines and Fruit

We have had a rather trying couple of days. tying in with hurricane Isaac our own Isaac has, well, turned into a bit of a hurricane.

He certainly knows his own mind…and I’m sure cutting three molars isn’t helping but my little man has an extremely short fuse. He knows what he wants and if he can’t have it then it is the end of the world for all involved. It’s gotten me to thinking how forceful do I want to be with no. Now, further down the line when he is a little older and I can reason with him and suggest alternatives then that is what I will be doing but what about now?

He’s too little to get alternatives and reason certainly doesn’t work so what now? I don’t want to say no, maybe we should do this instead and then fold when he literally throws himself on the floor and cries. I don’t want him to think if he cries and I walk away or ignore it that I don’t care and I don’t want to try to soothe him if it is going to make him worse. I’m thinking for now, untill he’s a bit older I’ll have to settle for distraction.

Isaac is the most trying and rewarding that he has ever been, but when he’s trying, he’s really trying.

He is also really really rewarding and just the sweetest wee man!

He can now dribble with a football, and is so very proud of himself when he does. He’s started to spoon feed himself his food and even started using a fork the other day too…a little hairy but the boy wants what he wants.

Speeking of hair it’s time for the wee man to have one…once agin he’s getting a bit mulety, but fingers crossed this time all of his hiar will grow at the same rate!

The word No (na) has worked its way to the top of Isaacs favourite word list and he says it to everything…”do you want dinner?” “na” (goes and stands in kitchen waiting for dinner), “do you want a bath?” “na” and two minutes later he’s standing by the bathroom door waiting for us like we’ve taken too long!! I can’t wait for the novelty of na to wear off!

Now onto the trials of stinky tiger…those of you who know Isaac will know stinky tiger and how disgusting he is. We’re trying to confine hm to bedroom use only…partly because he actually makes the car smell…yes I’m not joking, I’ve checked Isaacs nappy on several occasions after a car trip to discover that in fact it is the tiger! Gross! It’s not only the general disgustigness of the tiger…it’s Isaacs teeth. I’m worried that sucking on that tiger tail will make his teeth stick out, and while Roy says he’s too young for there to be any sort of lasting effect I can’t get the thought out of my mind. Almost a year ago we got rid of the soother and got sucked into thetiger trap and now we need to claw ourselves out of it!

Luckily for us Isaac has now decided that actually he does like fruit…phew! Grapes…cut in half obviously, plums, any type of berries…our house is a bountiful fruit store, long may it continue. The bigger plus of Isaac deciding that he like fruit is that I am eating more of it too and less of the chocccy biscuits!

And lastly but not leastly…I have discovered that Isaac really is like his daddy…boundless confidence! On several outings recently Isaac has been that odd kid that just goes and stands and stares at other people! They look like they might be having fun and he thinks he might want to join in…I must confess that as a painfully shy child I am so pleased that he is confident enough to branch out on his own but is always aware that mummy and daddy are just in the background, waiting in case he needs us.

What a wonderful thing being a parent is!!


Au revoir Paris

Our time in Paris is drawing to a close, so much to fit in. I want to see Notre Dame and eat pastries!

We got up and scraped in breakfast 2 minutes before they stopped serving! Go team Gatis.

We got ourselves ready, packed, and left. Took our bag to the station and deposited it. Off we went to the metro…we were pros by then!

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Bonjour Paris

So we made it to Paris. Very early start…ferried to the Euro star by my sister for a 6:55 train and in Paris by 10. I’ve never taken the Euro star before and its surprisingly easy to do…book in and sit on the train. Roy promptly fell asleep and I followed suit…content to be the odd dribbly woman, it was early enough that everyone else was asleep too so I didn’t feel bad.
We left our little bag at gare du Nord and set off for a wander…accidentally taking us through the ghetto…we couldn’t work out the metro or find someone to ask.
Miles and miles later we got to the river and the Louvre, I got to see the glass pyramids that I’ve been dying to see.


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Musings for the weekend…

This weekend has been a very eventful ME weekend.

On Friday night I went “out out”. Yes, that’s right. I got dressed up, did my make up and went out with the girls and it was great. I even drank cocktails! Yummy. My wonderful husband agreed to pick me up…at 12 of course before my car turned into a pumpkin.

It was a great night. I got ready with my friend Charlotte and then we teetered over to Jo’s house (the most amazingly decorated flat I have ever seen-one that inspires true jealousy when you go home and see your own toy covered mess). Drank our favorite cocktails, post Jo’s wedding…the Mile High…equal measures of Vodka, Archers, Raspberry Sours and then add some lemonade…if you haven’t tried it , do, it’s yummy!! It was so liberating to be able to get out of the house, have a couple of drinks and a dance and get dressed up. After that we teetered into Windsor and a couple of bars. When the clock struck 12 I made my way back to the car and my little toy strewn home!

Saturday and a wedding to attend. Isaac had to be left with Granny and Grampy so I was a little blue to start off with, While I am working 4 days a week I really look forward to my three-day weekends with him. Any way off he was carted…didn’t look back once! We got our glad rags on, went to leave and couldn’t find the car keys…you wouldn’t think that this would be a problem but we only have one set and one car…major problem!! We turned the house upside down and no sign of them. Eventually we found them down the back of the media unit…aparently Isaac had been playing hid the car keys and give daddy a heart attack! 

The wedding was lovely, as was the weather and I got to wear my birthday present dress, which was brilliant. How often do you get to dress up nicely, let alone do it twice in one weekend!! I got to sit down and have a hot meal without someone deciding that they would rather be eating mine than theirs and a HOT cup of tea that stayed hot!!

The only draw back was that there was no signal at all where we were and as we are on chicken pox watch after a recent exposure I was getting a bit fidgety by the seven o clock mark…I don’t like radio silence when it comes to Isaac! At half eight I decided enough was enough and it was time for me to go home (the hubby stayed out to drink my share as well as his). Of course when I got home there had been no emergency…in fact my parents were happily watching the olympics (which by the way I’ve really gotten into this year) and were quite surprised to see me so early! I was happy to just sit in front of the Tv after my two very eventful days and listen to the silence of the baby monitor.

To add to my busy time I will be blogging from Paris tomorrow and Thursday. That’s right, Roy and I are off on our own for 48 hours…it’ll be like leaving one of my arms behind but it’s Paris so who would argue! I’ve been checking the weather…good bye stupid British drizzle, hello 26 degree sunshine!! I’m all packed with my summer clothes and ready to start the journey at, wait for it, 4:30 am tomorrow. Yes you heard me 4:30am, not even Isaac gets me up tha early now…eeek!

So until tomorrow mes amis. Xx