#Snap Happy BritMums Photo Challenge

Here is a challenge that I’ll be taking part in, sounds like fun and loads of people are getting involved.


Love taking photos? Need a new blogging and photo challenge? #SnapHappyBritMums is your next opportunity! For the month of May we’ll be giving you 31 days worth of photography prompts to inspire and encourage you to get out there and see the world through creative eyes.

We found OUR inspiration courtesy of @FatMumSlim, a fabulous blogger from Australia who runs monthly photo challenges through her blog and social media accounts. What we’re asking of you is to simply have a look at each daily prompt, find an appropriate photo opp, take your picture and let us know about it through Twitter (@BritMums, #SnapHappyBritMums) and Facebook (www.facebook.com/BritMums). Tweet us your picture, tag us on Facebook or place the link on our Facebook page. Use the hashtag #SnapHappyBritMums and that’s it! No posts, no linkys, no effort! We’ll come back to you toward the end of the month with an end-of-month challenge as well…watch this space!

Here is your monthly prompt list! We’ll remind you daily on Twitter and Facebook in case you forget. Join in on the #SnapHappyBritMums fun! Feel free to grab the SnapHappyBritMums badge above to include on your blogs as well!

I’ve just started so I’ll have go back to the earlier ones but I’m already having fun with this.

Day 1 : 1st thing in the morning









Day 2 : Pampering







Day 3 : School days


Day 4 : Tipple







Day 5 : Blue







Day 6 : View from above


Day 7 : Warmth

20120507-124942.jpg Big cuddles for Daddy!

Day 8: best part of me








The best parts really!

Day 9 : Inside my fridge

 I love payday!

Day 10 : Blossoms

Day 11 : Frozen

Day 12 : K.I.S.S.I.N.G









Day 13 : Guilty pleasure

 Mmmmm party food!

Day 14 : Mirror image

Day 15 : Fly the Flag

Day 16 : Smooth

 Getting your little one to do the cleaning

Day 17 : Boots

Day 18 : Whats the weather like today

Day 19 : You’re favourite smile

 A messy smile!

Day 20 : A poster that catches your eye






Ok, it’s not a poster but the sign caught our attention!

Day 21 : Music

Day 22 : Something that begins with A


Day 23 : Religion

Day 24 : Water

Day 25 : Something old








Christmas is pretty old!

Day 26 : Supermarket


Day 27 : Something you need for baby








 A comfy mode of transport!

Day 28 : Macro image

 What I would like to do today!!

Day 29 : Panorama






Day 30 : Fruit


Day 31 : My blog

Well you’re here!!


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